Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An introduction

This is my first attempt at a garden blog. I have always loved gardening. Used to have the greenest thumb in the land. Not so much anymore. However, I will never give up! I will never surrender trying to regain that green thumb that could grow anything, anywhere! I was inspired to start this blog by Ann Elias' very informative blog! Last year I successfully grew Lemon Balm, Bee Balm, Basil, Pineapple Sage, St Johns Wort, Chives, Stone Crone Yellow, Gold Carpet (a trailing plant that comes back year after year), Licorice plant (first grew last year and it grew to be a monster! It has a licorice/ anise scent but is not eatable that I know of. I also planted varieties of Lavender in pots and in a walled in circular garden. I use lavender for tea's and sachets. Bleeding heart plant has returned for 6 years now and is always pretty. Horehound, Chamomile, Globe thistle (this was very very slow growing and I will not replant), White and Yellow Yarrow not a pretty herb, but excellent in teas for those not taking medications., Parsley, Hellebore (Hellebore is for LOOKS ONLY! It is A POISONOUS HERB.), I have seeds for the following: Lance Leaved Coreopsis (A scalloped yellow flower)Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) that is a gorgeous burnt Orange. ANYONE with advice on how to keep ants off my sunflower plants would be appreciated! Lavender Bergamot from Seeds of Change company. All the seeds for this company are certified as Organic. The nectar from this particular plant is attractive to BUTTERFLIES and HUMMINGBIRDS. Both are favorites of mine. From same company I bought Aztec Nicotiana, which has a beautiful jasmine scent to it. The fragrance is most noticeable from dusk til dawn. The flowers are an interesting trumpet shaped with pale pin to white flowers that sit on stems that arise from rosettes of velvety leaves. If you have trouble with POTATO BEETLES plant these flowers close by. Aztec Nicotiana asks as a trap for these crop destroying pests. Licorice Mint (Anise Hyssop) attracts BEES which pollinate flowers. If you are ALLERGIC TO BEES DO NOT PLANT LICORICE MINT! This plant is very good in teas and Salads. Both leaves and flowers are edible. The Chinese use this herb to settle their stomachs. English Thyme is yet another packet of seeds I purchased threw the Seeds Of Change company. Seeds from this company are expensive as far as I consider. They are $2.99 per pack. You can get them locally (in Appleton, WI, where I hail from) at the Health food store on Wisconsin Avenue. If you know where Chinese Food restaurant "Min Du" is you'll fine the health food store. It's in the same small plaza. BIRD HOUSE GOURD: $1.29 from Fleet Farm. I've been wanting to grow these for years as they come in beautiful shapes. They are easily painted when dried. Like it's name suggests, you can use them a bird houses with a little help from a drill.

I'll buy more lavender as I will Bee Balm in Pink and Red. Bees love this plant. The big "bumble bees" not the kind that make the honey. My cone flower took a long time to bloom. When it did it grew to well over six feet tall. This one can be used as an herb, if you are very careful.


We live on a corner lot. We want to add to the garden on the side street. We'll remove log border and replace it with bricks. I want to save up for a Goddess planter. Ann first featured one on her blog. They run into the very high two figures. I garden through the spring and summer months. Always adding or weeding.

I live with my husband and oldest daughter in a ranch home which we hope to update with a paint job outside. We've been wanting to do that for years.

A MUST HAVE for ALL GARDENERS is "Readers Digest: 1001 Garden hints and Tips. An A-Z on how to Solve Almost Any Garden Problem." Barnes and Nobles has the book for $20.00. Norma ordered me a copy from Amazon.Com for $14.00. It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know and more!

I tried adding pictures, but for some reason it wouldn't let me.